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Email Log

Apr 10 2012 11:32AM InMotionHosting Status and ODBC connection problems on Windows 64 bit
It appears that InMotionHosting is now operational. I am able to login in both the the hosting account as well as the cPanel account and I can get to the FA database. Things seem like they are OK for now.

The Case 3 prereq assignment is what is due tonight. That assignment does not use InMotionHosting -- rather it is just going through the Excel tutorials on OLM. The ODBC connection to MySQL is for the full Case 3 team assignment which is due in 3 weeks.

The info below is only for those students who are having problems connecting to ODBC within Excel on a 64bit Windows platform.

Several students mentioned to me they were having problems doing the odbc connection though the domain login to their laptops. I double checked on my laptop and server in my office if the ODBC connection would work through the domain login in Excel. It seems to work well for me except you should add the ODBC connection as "User DSN" and not a "System DSN".

A student just stopped by and had the same problem. Her laptop was a 64-bit Windows and she had done everything correctly (installed the 64 bit ODBC driver) but excel was still not working with the connection.

The solution to the problem was to also install the 32 bit odbc driver onto the 64 bit laptop and then setup the odbc connection through the 32 bit driver. To do that you should download the 32 bit MySQL driver from


and install it as usual. Then to start it go to:


It will look very similar to the 64 bit version but will set it up so that Excel can find it. The rest of the process on Excel is exactly the same from there.

Hope this helps,

Feb 29 2012 8:33AM Reminders for Case 1 Due Date, Office hours, Business Journal document, Thursday class Hi everyone,

I have several reminders for you regarding Case 1 and MGMT 200 in general. First is that the case is due this Friday March 2 11:59pm. Be sure to remember to submit to the assignment in Aspen both your company's URL and the business journal document. I strongly recommend re-reading the assignment in the next day or so to be sure you have not missed something we require.

I have spoken with a couple of teams and they were not aware of the business journal document. Please re-read the assignment to find out exactly what I am expecting for the journal. The journal is worth 50 points. You must submit your journal at the same time you submit your URL this Friday.

Office hours for the rest of the week are as follows: today (Wednesday) John 10am-2pm. Thursday 10am-2pm Pavan. Friday: no office hours nor email/facebook support.

Tomorrow's Thursday in-person class session will be as usual in WK AUD 8-9:15am. It will be a question and answer period for case 1; no new material will be covered. This will be our last in person Thursday session. After spring break MGMT 330 will need the room for the rest of the semester during the Thursday 8am-9:15am time slot. After spring break our Thursday sessions will go to purely online through Adobe Connect. Our Tuesday 8am-9:15am in person class sessions will remain unchanged; they will be required (as always) and will be in person in WK AUD Tuesday 8->9:15am.

Feb 23 2012 10:03AM Case 1 Due date Extended Hello everyone,

Queen, Pavan and I have had a conversation and have extended the due date for Cases 1 to Friday March 2, 11:59pm.

Feb 16 2012 5:16PM What to Prepare for Tuesday Feb 21 Hi everyone,

This is a followup email to what was discussed today in class. Next Tuesday we will do the following things:

  1. We will do the email exchange discussed in the Supplemental assignment. It is worth 40 points. NOTE: you will need to have your InMotionHosting account setup and fully functional before that time. If you don't you will miss out on these points. Also for the 3 teams that have not yet had their eBusiness approved you need to have that done first BEFORE you can set up your hosting. Again if you fail to do this you will miss out on those 40 points.

  2. After the email exchange, I will continue to talk about customizing your templates. During that time Pavan will review the templates for each team. You should prepare 2 copies of an approval document for Pavan to sign if he approves your template. This approval form should have your team's number, company name, domain name, a list of students on the team and a spot for his signature.



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