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Apr 10 2012 11:32AM InMotionHosting Status and ODBC connection problems on Windows 64 bit
It appears that InMotionHosting is now operational. I am able to login in both the the hosting account as well as the cPanel account and I can get to the FA database. Things seem like they are OK for now.

The Case 3 prereq assignment is what is due tonight. That assignment does not use InMotionHosting -- rather it is just going through the Excel tutorials on OLM. The ODBC connection to MySQL is for the full Case 3 team assignment which is due in 3 weeks.

The info below is only for those students who are having problems connecting to ODBC within Excel on a 64bit Windows platform.

Several students mentioned to me they were having problems doing the odbc connection though the domain login to their laptops. I double checked on my laptop and server in my office if the ODBC connection would work through the domain login in Excel. It seems to work well for me except you should add the ODBC connection as "User DSN" and not a "System DSN".

A student just stopped by and had the same problem. Her laptop was a 64-bit Windows and she had done everything correctly (installed the 64 bit ODBC driver) but excel was still not working with the connection.

The solution to the problem was to also install the 32 bit odbc driver onto the 64 bit laptop and then setup the odbc connection through the 32 bit driver. To do that you should download the 32 bit MySQL driver from


and install it as usual. Then to start it go to:


It will look very similar to the 64 bit version but will set it up so that Excel can find it. The rest of the process on Excel is exactly the same from there.

Hope this helps,


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